Adept are the leaders in ingesta and faecal contamination control systems. Ingesta and faecal contamination during protein processing is a common cause of wasted product and can be a food safety risk. Adept has developed a range of weasand clips and anus plugs for both Sheep and Lamb to help prevent both forms of contamination. 

Plugging the Anus

Early intervention to limit any faecal contamination is critical to hygienic animal processing and Adept’s anal plugs provide secure and reliable control.


Plugs (1) are easily inserted using Adept’s purpose designed F4 Inserter (2) or plug pusher (3), stopping any chance of leakage especially at high stress points like pelt pulling, leg change-over and evisceration.

Complete Solution - Plugging the Anus

Lamb Plugs

The Two Flange Plug is highly effective due to the double barrier its unique design provides.

F4 Inserter

The F4 Inserter enables rapid insertion of the Adept Two Flange Plug with greatly reduced operator effort, combined they offer the ultimate ovine contamination control.

Lamb Plug Pushers

The Pusher is designed for fast and easy insertion of Adepts Two Flange Plug and Plug 42.


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