The Adept Manual Lamb Clip Dispenser is designed to hold and dispense the Adept Lamb Cartridge Clip. The dispenser reduces the risk of contamination between clips and improves operator efficiency.

  • The Adept Lamb Clip is dispensed using foot pedal activation

  • Minimise cross-contamination of Adept Lamb Clips

  • Dispensers are fast and easy to both load and access clips

  • Reduce Adept Lamb Clip wastage

  • Multiple capacity options available

  • Small footprint and easily installed

  • Clip stack is simply and quickly rotated to load next line of clips

  • Clip loading stand available

Product Code

0739-810 Carousel

0739-820 Base

Clip Capacity

1000 (Additional configurations available)


Base: L 350mm x W 350mm x H 1000mm
Carousel: L 165mm x W 165mm x H 1065mm


Stainless Steel foot operated base, Clip loading stand (Optional)

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